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SS11 (Blackguard)

tele ss11 blackguard image

click for SS11 diagram & details

Fender used several wiring configurations before settling on what we think of today as "normal Tele wiring", where the middle switch position gives you the two pickups combined in parallel. The early wiring schemes - including the original Broadcaster wiring scheme, and the Blackguard scheme we present here - provided no way to combine the pickups using the switch, though the original wiring did have a blend control (in lieu of a tone control) that allowed for the pickups to be combined.

SS11 wiring, which we refer to as "Blackguard", was the wiring that was in use by 1952, and is the wiring that was employed for years on the '52 Reissue guitars. It works thus:

  • Position 3: Neck pickup through capacitor, tone control effectively inoperable
  • Position 2: Neck pickup, tone control operable
  • Position 1: Bridge pickup, tone control inoperable

That forward position (3) is really dark and nasally, as the neck pickup is receiving the full brunt of a .1µF cap's treble-hijacking capability. That is: .1µF is a heavy cap, it will take away LOTS of treble, and the resulting tone is like a normal tone control rolled all the way down, plus a little more for good measure. So make sure this wiring is what you want. Some people love this wiring, but it's not for everyone.

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